Building & Structural Consultants Ltd offer design and consultancy services, building / party wall surveys and diagnosis of building defects. We specialise in domestic structural projects, such as loft conversions, extensions, internal alterations and indoor outdoor living area designs. Major works or minor alterations, we can offer help.

We provide structural engineers’ reports as requested by lenders’ surveyors for structural defects or non-standard construction, and subsidence & heave investigations for clients and their buildings insurers.


Remote Crack Inspection Survey 

We now offer a Remote Crack Inspection Survey nationwide. Many targeted building inspections (i.e. for diagnosis of cracking or a specific known or suspected building defect) can be achieved remotely, by video call. One of our senior structural engineers (with over 30 years experience in crack diagnosis and building inspections) will talk to you via video link and guide you to show him the areas he wants to see. He will discuss the circumstances of the problem with you during the call and also carry out a desk study (of local geological survey maps etc.). A written report is then produced as normal.

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Structural Design

Engineering Schematics and blueprints for building works

If you are proposing to alter or extend your building, or construct a new one, you will need professional advice and most likely the preparation of structural design calculations (to British Standards or Eurocodes as appropriate) for submission to the local authority (or a private Approved Inspector service) for Building Regulations approval – as well as for your building contractor. We offer structural design and calculations for steel, concrete and timber beams, joists and lintels, foundations, masonry walls & piers, roofs and general overall building stability.

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Subsidence, Heave & Landslip

Step cracking damage to brickwork in a wall beneath a window as a result of subsidence.

If your building is showing signs of movement, such as cracking of the walls or ceilings it may be due to subsidence or heave of the foundations, or landslip. We have structural engineers highly experienced in this area of work from a loss adjusting background who will inspect your property, advise you on the cause of the problem, and provide a report for presentation to your insurers if required. We can continue on your behalf to arrange foundation & site investigations, structural monitoring and advise on a suitable repair scheme. This may involve underpinning, or more modern techniques such as ground improvement or screw-piling stabilisation schemes.

We will also liaise with your insurers on your behalf, agree a fair scope of repairs as covered under your policy, arrange for contractors to tender and supervise the works through to completion, providing a Certificate of Structural Adequacy at the end of the process to help you sell or remortgage in the future. Our experience in the insurance industry will ensure that you receive a fair and swift settlement from your insurers, and remove the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and their representatives from you, if you prefer. We offer a Remote Crack Inspection Survey nationwide. href=””Click here to find out more about this service.

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Building Surveys

A row of characteristic English cottages in Cambridge, UK

Building surveyors carry out inspections of established buildings to determine their existing condition. A building surveyor is a professional trained in understanding and interpreting building law and building pathology. We offer two types of property inspection, suitable for purchasers or home-owners. Details are given on our Building Surveying Services page.

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Party Wall Surveys

Party Wall Act Document

A party wall surveyor is one who specialises in matters arising under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. We can act as party wall surveyors for either the “building owner” (a person undertaking work which might impact on a party wall) or the “adjoining owner” (the neighbour who might be affected by such work). We will act as sole surveyor for either party, or as the ‘agreed surveyor’ for both parties. We offer a preliminary appraisal service where we will assess your Party Wall Act requirements, advise on possible alternative solutions which may avoid the need for formalities under the Act, and if appointed make an approach to your neighbour(s) to establish whether they are prepared to consent to the works, in which case significant costs to the building owner can be avoided.

Our party wall surveyors are accredited members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors and some act as senior “Third Surveyors? to arbitrate on disputes. Party wall disputes can be lengthy, costly and cause long-lasting ill feeling between neighbours. we strive to resolve such disputes at minimal cost and maintaining good neighbourly relations, whilst preserving clients’ rights and acting with the impartiality that is required of us under the Act.

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