We at B&SC are an independent, professional company providing a variety of structural engineering and building surveying services.

We offer the diagnosis of building defects including damage caused by the movement of foundations through subsidence and heave.

We have subsidence consultants (such as structural engineers, building surveyors etc.) all with a wealth of experience in subsidence and crack diagnosis who can assist with insurance claims for structural damage and can liaise with your buildings insurers on your behalf.

Step cracking damage to brickwork in a wall beneath a window as a result of subsidence.
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Subsidence Forum

We are members of the Subsidence Forum, keeping up to date with the latest technology and thinking in the subsidence industry.

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structural engineering design

We also offer structural engineering design and calculations to British Standards and Eurocodes, as well as structural engineers’ reports.

FPWSWe can act for you as a party wall surveyor whether you are the “Building Owner” proposing work which impacts on a party wall, or the neighbour who could be affected by it. Our party wall surveyors are registered with the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors. Our aim at B&SC is to provide high quality, cost effective solutions to your structural and surveying needs be it at feasibility stage, or during the design or construction phases. At B&SC we understand that in most structural projects time is of the essence and we are able to provide a very quick and efficient service at a competitive price.
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